the leanhaus approach strikes the perfect balance between design, quality and cost to provide a new home that is not only beautiful, but also enhances your wellbeing.


We seek to provide a one stop solution, from the first meeting through to completion. Whilst your new home is individual to you, our process is somewhat streamlined so that our clients receive the maximum benefit of working with a highly skilled Architect, for much less than the usual costs.


1. lets talk

First we have a meeting on site or at your home. 

-We listen to your brief and explain how we work.

-We determine if your desired home is achievable on your site and for your budget

-You sign a Leanhaus Architectural Services Proposal

*no cost to qualified clients


2. Pre-design & Briefing

This is a collaborative process where we:

-Analyse the site and constraints including town planning

-Define the project scope and quality

-Test initial design concepts

-Provide a construction estimate

-Plan out the next steps and costs.

Value: from $2,000*


3. Schematic design

During this Phase we will:

-Do the detailed design of your home.

-Prepare 3d models and Architectural drawings

-test and optimise the design for energy efficiency and comfort.

-Apply for Local Government Approvals.

-our builder will provide a fixed price construction contract

Value: From $10,000*

4. build

Once the construction contract is signed its time to get started on site.

-Our builder will take it from here.

-We will support you as required and keep you informed on progress

-We inspect progress on site at key milestones to ensure construction is achieved to our standard.

*An accurate design fee cost is determined after the Initial Consultation and is a set fee. 

how we provide cost certainty for your project

Our goal is to deliver you the best building for the available budget. We work with one of our builder partners from day one to ensure that what we design for you represents good value for money.

How can we do this?

  1. Architect and Builder work together on every project from the beginning

  2. We seek to find the right balance between design, quality, performance and cost by working with our clients to determine their order of priorities.

  3. We are experts in practical onsite construction.

  4. We cost check our projects at every major stage and get real time feedback on design decisions to avoid any surprises

  5. Our builder provides fixed price building contracts

  6. We work with trusted consultants who understand what it takes to design and build a Leanhaus project.

If you want more detail…

pre-design and your project brief

This is essentially an information gathering and processing phase – what I do before I start design. We collect all of the information about the project to use in schematic design. This includes information about the site, any existing structure(s), codes, deed restrictions, site utilities, access, budget, and schedule.


The property, or site, is a strong generator of ideas and building forms, so all new projects begin with an analysis of your site.  I look at the local conditions - climate, wind patterns, solar angles, topography, and other significant features. We overlay local zoning restrictions (setbacks, etc.) on this plan and create a site diagram.  This diagram usually begins to suggest opportunities, which together, we’ll begin exploring in the next step.


The program is an architect’s way of saying, “list of rooms”.  What will I be programming into your home? Chances are this has been percolating in your head for some time but we need to get it on paper and make it real.

I’ll ask you to make an exhaustive list of the spaces you’d like in your home to include. Treat it as a wish list of sorts (for now).  I’ll develop and assign appropriately scaled spaces to your list of rooms as a starting point.    


We listen to you.

We want to deeply understand what you are hoping to create with your new home project. Only then does the Architect offer expert advice to match a client’s brief, timeline, site and budget. You will receive a detailed list of questions to help me find out more about you, your needs for the project, and your vision. This will get us all thinking about the specifics of design from the outset.

Once our Architectural Services Proposal is in place, we will commence the project with a second briefing session. Your architect will have a more detailed discussion with you at that point, getting to know even more about your individual personality, lifestyle and aspirations for your home.

We understand that it’s not always possible to have a crystal clear vision of exactly what you would like to achieve and/or whether this is possible on your site and within your budget. In this early phase of the process we continue to refine your brief, understand the relevant constraints and opportunities of your site and confirm the feasibility of the project, in close collaboration with our building team.


I’ll apply square meter estimates to this list of spaces and assign estimated dollar values to the total project square meterage.  Together we’ll compare the estimated cost of the home with your budget.  If the two don’t align we’ll revisit the size + number of spaces for as long as it takes to reconcile the two.

schematic design

This is where the rough shape of the building and the ideas are formed. I’ll generate a couple of different design options for you to consider using all of the information gathered in the previous step.

We generally present the schematic ideas in loose sketch form as site and plan diagrams or digital models. These are not final ideas or fixed plans, they’re meant to be conceptually evocative and to incite new ideas and feedback from you. 

We’ll meet and discuss the designs with the goal of narrowing the field to one preferred design concept; something we can move forward with. Your preferred design option will be developed into dimensional drawings and digital models.

At phase completion you’ll have a set of drawings for what looks like a house, but not quite enough to build from. These will be used as the basis for your Development Application (DA).

The key difference in the way we work, compared with the conventional model of architectural design is that we work closely with our builder from day one. Through a close collaboration, we are able to ensure the practicalities of constructing your new home are considered and incorporated in to the design from the outset, rather than attempting to make significant cost savings once the detailed design has been completed.

At the conclusion of this stage our builder will undertake a detailed pricing exercise to present to you for approval, prior to proceeding with the next phase of documentation.

design development and documentation

Once the pricing for your design has been signed off, your Leanhaus Architect will move the project through the design development stage. The key outcome of this stage is resolution of all internal and external details and coordination with external consultants such as structural engineers.

We’ll usually meet to discuss the evolution of the design several times, each time refining the level of detail and decisions.

During the design development phase the team will work to deliver a detailed internal and external 3D model, which is accompanied by drawings of all joinery, lighting and electrical layouts, door and window types and sizes, colours and finishes. As a starting point, many of the finishes and fixtures selections have already been curated for inclusion in Leanhaus homes, however it is possible to make custom selections if desired.

Leanhaus finishes and fittings ensure an effective balance of cost, style, availability, maintenance, practicality, quality & sustainability.

For an additional fee our interior designer will work with you to create a bespoke selection of materials and finishes.

During this process we will model and analyse the building in DesignPH and PHPP (proprietary software) in order to ensure that the design is optimised to achieve the required standard of performance.

Once we have worked through your detailed selections, your Leanhaus architect will create the relevant drawings and schedules required for construction.

During this phase our building teams will work hand in hand to manage any required changes that have occurred through the design development phase, providing cost advice on any design changes to assist in your decision making process.

building your home

Once any design changes have been resolved and final pricing agreed, it’s time to break out the tools. Leanhaus and its licensed partner builder will manage all aspects of the build, including:

  • required approvals

  • construction

  • management of sub-contractors

  • connection to services.

Our licensed builder is there to make sure every client is informed throughout the process and all our teams provide regular feedback at every stage. Working in conjunction with our architects and consultant teams we ensure quality outcomes for every client and make sure that you understand exactly what’s happening every step of the way. Importantly, all of our projects are run on fixed price contracts, so there are never nasty surprises through the build process. It’s a straightforward team-orientated process where we all work to deliver the best outcome to our client.


Let's discuss the viability of your project: