our mission is to create healthy and sustainable buildings.

Imagine living in a building that keeps you warm and cosy all winter, without running the heater. Imagine a home that stays cool and comfortable even in the midsummer heat. A home that’s quiet, free of draughts, mould and dust, costs very little to run and reduces your carbon footprint. This is what a Leanhaus can provide.

The Leanhaus approach strikes the perfect balance between design, quality and cost. We achieve bespoke Architect designed quality and high performance for much less than a typical Architect designed home by following lean construction and design principles.


architect & builder led, leanhaus collaborates with clients to develop beautiful homes that offer a healthier, more comfortable and low impact quality of life.

Every project is unique. We’re experts in design and construction, finding the best solution to suit your dream home and budget. Our pared back designs set us apart. Think clean lines, honest materials and timeless yet modern interiors. The kind of house that will be attainable, inspire you and be just as fresh in 20 years as the day it was built.


to deliver our vision for sustainability, leanhaus offers expertise in solar passive design and construction to the ‘Passivhaus’ standard

energy efficient

Passivehaus is the leading standard on energy savings worldwide. Energy savings amount to 90% (or around $2000pa in Perth) in comparison with current building standards. We achieve this enormous energy conservation through scientific design optimisation, special energy efficient building elements and ventilation techniques. 


Air pollution indoors can be up to 5x worse than outdoors. Dust, mould, expired air, CO2 and contaminants from cooking all create an indoor environment that contributes to allergies, asthma and sleep disturbance.  Leanhaus homes provide a constant supply of fresh, filtered and preconditioned air that is better quality than outdoor.


Comfort in a Leanhaus is perceptibly improved by designing with consideration to air temperatures, surface temperatures, draughts and relative humidity. The home benefits from a relatively constant internal temperature that is well within the human comfort range. A constant supply of fresh air ensures CO2 concentration is within recommended limits.

leanhaus wants to make owning a high performance architect designed home a possibility for everyone

Ben Caine
Founder, Architect

Ben is a Registered Architect and Certified Passive House Designer with a passion for innovation and efficiency in design and construction. 

After 12 years of working at top tier design and construction firms, Ben saw the need to create a better method of delivering great design and high performance for more than just the 1%. By adopting lean design and construction our designs can allow more people to live healthy, low impact lives.

Ben is a past councillor of the Australian Institute of Architects (WA) and a regular Juror for AIA Awards.


T: +61 414 496 870