leanhaus can provide design and construction in line your aspirations and budget.

Every project is unique and may require a different level of service. We aim to be flexible to help you get the best result:

  • New Builds and Alterations & Additions

  • Pre-Purchase Site and Project Due Diligence

  • Concept Design Services

  • Full Design & Documentation

  • Fixed Price Construction

  • Sustainability assessment of an existing design by others.

  • Passive House Assessment and Consulting

  • Project Costing

  • Custom Interior Design


WE design and deliver homes to three levels of performance:


We design you a solar passive home with minimum 7 star NatHERS rating. Typical features include:

- high levels of continuous insulation

- double glazed windows.

- no airtight membrane or testing provided*

-air conditioning optional

-this is the most cost effective option whilst still achieving a new home with good performance.

*NatHERS assumes a building leakage rate of 5 air changes/hour at 50 Pascals pressure (ACH50), but the results of extensive testing reveal the average leakage rate to be up around 10 to 15 ACH50 (CSIRO, 2012);


We design you an airtight home optimised to near Passivhaus standards, but do not seek certification.

- high levels of continuous insulation.

- thermal bridge free construction

- tested airtight to at least 3.0 ACH50.

- heat recovery ventilation

- UPVC double glazed windows

- additional heating or cooling is optional but may not be required.

- Expect energy savings of around 75% or $2000pa compared to equivalent 7 star home


Same construction and detailing as our Leanhaus but certified by The Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt, Germany.

- tested airtight to <0.6 ACH50.

- an independent passivhaus certifier validates that the design and construction of your home meets the stringent PH1 standard.

- the Passivhaus certification provides indisputable proof that your home is designed and built to the highest standard.